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Communication without barriers with our services in over 750 language combinations.

Why choose SeproTec as your partner?

Our clients place their trust in us because of the quality of our translations and our commitment to finding flexible, cost-effective solutions through personalized customer service. SeproTec doesn’t want to be a simple service provider, it wants to be a key piece in our clients’ international strategy.

Our goal is to facilitate our clients’ communications in international markets.

A personalized consulting session with SeproTec:

Kick-off call with one of our experts to explore ways to optimize your multilingual processes.

  • Discovery session of your current processes
  • Explanation of different solutions to meet your company’s multilingual needs
  • Proposal and tailor-made action plan to add value to your translation and/or interpreting processes
  • Process implementation and business reporting schedule

The keys to our success:

  • Exacting recruiting
  • Superb professional linguists
  • Vast databases with over 17,100 certified industry professionals
  • Rigorous quality control
  • An experienced management team
  • The most advanced tech in the industry

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Translation & Localization

For more than 25 years now SeproTec Multilingual Solutions has covered the language requirements of thousands of companies around the world that need to communicate in different international markets.


SeproTec has been the leading interpreting services management company for years. Our ample experience and top quality mean we have worked for large public and private institutions.

Intellectual Property

SeproTec's multidisciplinary team of translators, proofreaders, linguists, lawyers and engineers has made us the leading company in managing and translating intellectual property texts and your safest bet for patent translation.

Other Services

SeproTec provides a range of customer-oriented services: transcreation, testing, multimedia localization, desktop publishing and technical writing are just some of the many ways we can assist you.