Postediting, the profession of the future.

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The technological revolution has entered our lives and changed the dominant paradigms. This is a growing trend that is evolving us towards a more competitive environment.  It is precisely because of this that we must fully understand this technology, to identify and learn to use these tools that will help us improve our management processes.

The localization industry is no exception to these trends. Technology is advancing towards a more efficient operational model. These advances have brought about the emergence of a new technique: postediting, which has led to a new breed of professional, the posteditor.

Postediting could be defined as the editing and correction of a text processed by a machine translation engine. Postediting is the result of eliminating from the process any traces of machine translation, transforming the text so it no longer appears to be a translation but rather to have been written directly in the target language.

This new discipline requires practice and precision, and it brings to the fore the role of the posteditor, a professional who is in ever greater demand as the use of machine translation proliferates (as happened in the past with translation memories) and who relies on very specific knowledge and skills.

This is why here at SeproTec we have an excellent team of posteditors who not only possess the major industry certifications, but also have daily postediting experience and have helped build translation engines tailored to our needs. Together, our engines and posteditors are capable of meeting the exacting quality standards demanded by our clients.

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