Marketing is one of the most creative disciplines in a business, and translating it is one of the most complex and delicate. Translations for a marketing department must meet important criteria such as, for example, sociological knowledge of the target market. SeproTec's translation and localization department works with translators specialized in marketing and advertising. These professionals have wide-ranging knowledge of marketing and are armed with a variety of linguistic skills, including familiarity with many different language registers, colloquialisms and metaphors.

Marketing translation mainly seeks to tailor the source message to the target market, making use of deep familiarity, not merely with the language, but also with society, cultural differences and different kinds of media.

“Transcreation is a freer and more creative form of translation.”

Transcreation cannot be literal, but instead must meet the aforementioned criteria, so it is a freer and more creative form of translation.

Kinds of document management for which SeproTec provides the added value of transcreation:

The services that SeproTec most commonly provides to the marketing industry are: