Corporate Social
Responsible Work

It wouldn't be right to work with no regard for the future, so at SeproTec we strive to do business in a way that doesn't compromise the welfare of future generations. This concept marked a turning point for SeproTec, the reimagining of a business no longer content with just adding value for its clients and convinced that was imperative to include societal concerns in its strategic plan.

'SeproTec is not satisfied by just adding value for its clients – it is also committed to society.'

Today, SeproTec has a specific Corporate Social Responsibility department that creates sustainability plans aimed at environmental protection, safety and development, improving and spearheading community relations, transparent disclosure of its activity and efficient management of quality and environmental programs. These activities are regularly audited.

SeproTec is also part of the United Nations Global Compact, the most important corporate citizenship initiative in history. 

Transparency, Quality and the Environment

SeproTec, as part of its commitment to guaranteeing the quality of its services, and mindful of the importance of the environment has, in all of its activities, upheld its Comprehensive Quality and Environment Policy, which is the basis of its management system.

SeproTec is committed to a culture of social responsibility that enables it to meet its business targets while, at the same time, contributing to the welfare of society, mainly through support for the environment, culture and the inclusion of marginalized groups.

Our efforts have been recognized by the International Standards Organization (ISO) and awarded certifications under the requirements of Standard ISO 9001 (Quality), Standard UNE-EN ISO 17100, which is specific to translation services, and Standard ISO 14001 for environmental management.



INTEGRA Project 
The INTEGRA project is, perhaps, at the heart of our Social Responsibility activities. It was created in 2008 with the firm intention to include the most disadvantaged groups in the labor market. For this project to succeed we know we need to not just include employees from these groups in temporary projects, but also to train them in all areas relating to their fields of activity. To accomplish this, SeproTec organizes specialist training courses with teachers and trainers, many of whom come from outside our organization and provide a highly practical and effective benefit.

The most representative groups within the INTEGRA project are immigrants, many of whom have become professionals in the field of multilingual services, and people over 50 years old, who have been trained to rejoin the labor market.


SeproTec is a dynamic company that supports initiatives contributing to the development of the sector.

The CNSE Foundation for the Elimination of Barriers to Communication.
As part of its commitment to getting involved in wider society through real projects, SeproTec is cooperating with the CNSE Foundation to provide sign language interpreting services, thus supporting the Foundation's initiatives in all matters related to improving communication for people with hearing difficulties.
Through this collaboration we are supporting all of the Foundation's work to eliminate barriers to communication for people who are hard of hearing.

GALA Association. The Globalization and Localization Association.
SeproTec Multilingual Solutions is a sponsoring member of GALA, the founding goals of which are perfectly aligned with our commitment to quality. GALA is the largest international representative body for the translation and interpreting industry. It was created in 2002 by 15 companies from 12 countries on 4 continents. Its creation reflects the internationalization and, at the same time, globalization of the industry, enabling the group to progress through teamwork and cooperation among members.
This association provides its members with a common forum for discussing a range of questions and finding innovative solutions, promoting the industry and presenting its most efficient face to the wider world.

Translators without Borders
SeproTec has embarked on a new partnership with Translators Without Borders. This is a non-profit organization that shares the same values as our company and contributes to humanitarian aid by providing translation services where they are truly needed.
This initiative has SeproTec's full support, and we would like to extend an invitation to all translators and interpreters who may be interested in participating. All you need to do is either get in touch with us or register directly with Translators Without Borders.