SeproTec employs the latest technological advances in translation in work processes designed from the ground up to meet the specific needs of pharmaceutical organizations.

“Speed, accuracy, experience and quality control are our prescriptions for excellence.”


SeproTec has created a special department in its production area for the management of pharmaceutical industry projects. We specialize in:



Biotechnology – technology based on biology – is widely used in agriculture, pharmaceuticals, food science, environmental science and medicine. The scientists who breathe life into this industry combine various disciplines such as biology, chemistry, biochemistry, genetics, virology, agronomy, engineering, physics, medicine and veterinary science.

Medical Devices


SeproTec's relationship with medical device manufacturers is likewise highly important. We ensure that thousands of medical professionals are able to access up-to-date documents in dozens of languages, translated directly by expert professional medical translators.



This industry’s services are extremely important to a large number of client sectors, from textiles to food and metallurgy. The chemical business boasts annual global sales worth trillions of dollars and is considered the world’s most globalized industry. It requires effective, reliable and technologically advanced multilingual services on a global scale.

SeproTec offers the workflows, quality and added value that the industry needs, along with our vast technical experience and our ability to take on chemical projects of all kinds.



Leveraging our experience and strict quality control and selection processes, SeproTec has developed the resources necessary to meet the multilingual needs of all stakeholders in the health sector, including government authorities, multinational corporations and medical and teaching staff.

The services that SeproTec most commonly provides to the healthcare industry are:

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