Today’s society is defined by multiculturalism and multilingualism brought about by migration flows in an increasingly globalized world. With this new situation the need has arisen to create specific solutions that facilitate communication between individuals who work with different languages and cultural codes, yet share the same environment.

SeproTec offers clients a team of interpreters with over 750 language combinations, ranging from official languages to rare dialects and practically unused languages spoken by small groups of people.

“SeproTec, industry leader in translation and interpreting for public services.”

For years, SeproTec has collaborated with the public sector by offering reliable, top-quality language services with an extraordinary capacity to absorb large volumes of work. The number of public tenders awarded to us in translation, interpreting and other services around the globe attests to our extensive experience in this area.

We are experts in all the main public service fields, including social security, tax law, legislation, immigration, state lotteries, public debt, statistics, regulations, courts and the justice administration, police precincts, etc.

International Institutions

Among the most important international organizations we have the pleasure to work with are:

The services that SeproTec most commonly provides to public institutions are: