The impulse that the changes that we have experienced in society in recent times has given to online training has been exponential, accelerating and consolidating this sector.

Online training

Providing eLearning in your learners’ native language improves productivity, and allows learners to connect at a personal level, which in turn provides a better overall learning experience, optimizing their performance.

The ideal LMS is one that adapts to the learners needs in terms of content, ease of use and language.
When your global learners have access to online content in their native language it allows them to connect to the organization at a personal level, while having a higher level of understanding, which will facilitate reaching their goals.
Having content in available their native language increases learner’s confidence, which in turn will lead to deeper engagement. When learners are deeply engaged, they perform better, absorb more, and have a higher success rate.

Multilingual LMS

Localized Learning Management Systems (LMS) has become essential for both eLearning Development companies and Training Departments with a global audience. Just as important as delivering your content in your learners’ native language, is being able to navigate through the LMS’ interface in their language will build confidence, and that confidence will keep them engaged longer, delivering better results.

Having an LMS’ interface only in one language, will cause those that are not native speakers will struggle navigating through the platform. Therefore, they will quickly lose interest, or disengage completely. By providing the LMS interface in their language it will streamline navigating their assignments, deepening their engagement, greatly reducing completion times.

LMS offer the perfect opportunity to exponentially expand potential clients and therefore globalize eLearning Development companies and Training Departments.
There’s also the personal benefit of having multilingual LMS. In addition to providing an in-language interface and clarity into their online activities, a multilingual LMS also fosters an environment of team interaction and communication. Countless studies show more team interaction and communication helps create a positive work environment, which will produce a better workforce and increase retention.

Here are some of the benefits of a multilingual LMS

Comprehensive services for the e-learning industry

SeproTec has extensive experience in multilingual localization projects and has worked with instructional designers and training projects for years, so we know what it takes to successfully implement global online learning.

Our management team, thanks to ad hoc workflows, the company's global presence, with strategically distributed production centers for 24/7 coverage, and a vast network of linguists, can coordinate global projects, enabling our clients to implement their content quickly and cost-effectively.

Entrust the multilingual localization of your online training to a company
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