Generally speaking, subtitling consists of providing a written text at the bottom of the screen that reproduces the actors’ dialogs as well as giving an account of any discursive elements that form part of the photography or soundtrack. Viewers who, as the case may be, are not speakers of the content's language or who have problems understanding an accent, can follow the dialogs spoken by the characters via a text inserted onto the screen.

At SeproTec, we have a team of professionals who translate and abbreviate the texts by applying subtitling techniques and they then insert the subtitles into the video using specifically designed subtitling programs.

We also adapt the subtitles so as to both guarantee their quality and comply in full with the directives and specifications of the new subtitle and video files depending on the target country.

We offer a complete solution that is secure, transparent and flexible for any type of project in any language combination.
Our localization specialists have experience in managing complex projects that have to be delivered simultaneously to several locations.

Professional multilingual subtitling service for an international audience.

We provide subtitle formats designed for all manner of content that we use to bring dialogs to life in the viewers’ local language.

We also translate the metadata of the various pieces into different languages in order to ensure the visibility of the content is increased and correctly classified.

Everything from movies, TV shows, marketing content, ads and documentaries to video games. Our team of linguists and subtitling technicians work with the most advanced software and techniques on the market.

Our strategically located production centers ensure we are available 24 hours a day and we work with a centralized management system to guarantee that we meet our delivery deadlines.

We implement strict language and technical quality controls. SeproTec has been awarded the following quality certificates: ISO 9001, ISO 17100, ISO 13485, ISO 27100 and ISO 14001, which guarantee the level of quality we offer.

Multimedia localization services for the inclusion of people who are deaf, hard of hearing or visually impaired, soundtrack description, closed-captioning, SDH, among others.