Remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI) is the smart solution for simultaneous language interpreting at conferences, events and meetings around the globe, no matter where the events are located. Our Remote Interpreting Platform covers all bases, as it is in essence a remote event conferencing software, which includes consecutive or simultaneous interpreting, enabling conversations supporting any number of speakers, users, interpreters or languages.

All users need to do is connect to our platform via a link or app, and our network of professional interpreters will convey the message in any number of languages in real-time.

We not only use the best conference interpreters around the world, categorized by language combination, interpreting style, field specialization and technical expertise, but also advise our clients on the most convenient solution as far as the interpreting service platform that best suits their needs.

We have carefully trained conference interpreters to work with the remote interpreting systems and with the newest technologies. The professionalism, rigor and confidentiality of the professionals providing these services is vital to SeproTec.

Flexible and scalable – events can be arranged on short notice, presentations can be shared, and chatting among users is available.

The benefits of a remote interpreting service:

SeproTec’s RSI works for any meeting or event:

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