Organizations that do automotive business (big vehicle manufacturers, parts and raw material providers, distributors, and so on) must successfully meet the challenge of producing multilingual documentation effectively and economically.

SeproTec uses the most advanced processes for each kind of documentation in the industry in order to ensure that our clients' targets are met: technical manuals (reliability and accuracy), owner manuals (clarity and conciseness), promotional material and website content (advertising image and attention to detail).

“Our solutions: to produce effective and economical multilingual documentation.”

Our quality control processes conform to the J2450 recommendation for automotive industry translation issued by the SAE.

Our work for this industry includes translation and management of software and technical documents, particularly:


Few industries depend on precise technical documentation as much as the aerospace industry. Translation and localization are essential for the successful completion of tasks in this vital sector. SeproTec is the best choice for the management of multilingual technical documentation that the aeronautics industry needs, including design manuals, aircraft construction and maintenance manuals (engines, fuselage, wings, aerodynamics), safety and emergency documentation, crew training material, air traffic control material, customs procedures, importing and exporting procedures, and airport construction and management material.

“SeproTec is the most reliable choice for managing multilingual technical documentation.”

SeproTec has the solvency, technical and linguistic know-how and resources to help drive the global reach of the aeronautics industry.

The services that SeproTec most commonly provides to the aeronautics industry are:

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