This is a century defined by globalization. National borders are gradually giving way to international markets and the free movement of people. Now more than ever it is indispensable to certify that official documentation in one language faithfully matches the translated copy requested in another language by different authorities.

“SeproTec verifies, compares, contrasts and certifies translations in accordance with each country's legal requirements.”

At SeproTec we don't just translate the document from the source language into the target language, we also certify and guarantee full equivalence between the original and the translation. For quality assurance reasons we maintain a database of official sworn translators, licensed by their governments to work with different language combinations. SeproTec can thus verify, compare, contrast and certify translations in accordance with each country's unique legal requirements.

This branch of translation is especially important in professional contexts such as, for example, trials, public notary records and confidential reports. That is why we pay close attention to both form and function, so that the final product is fully compliant with the target country's requirements and accepted as legally valid, thus fulfilling its purpose.