Multilingual transcription is a service that transcribes the content of audio or video files in different languages to text files for their subsequent use. The transcribed content is only edited to make it legible.

At SeproTec, we have been transcribing in over 120 languages for more than 25 years, using trained professionals who are predominantly native speakers of the content language.

Adding the transcription of content to a website, together with the soundtrack or video,
enhances SEO positioning and the search engine ranking of the multimedia content.

At SeproTec, we manage transcription services for:


They are usually used in town hall meetings, board meetings, public speaking, seminars, congresses or general meetings with the aim of keeping a written copy of the contributions made for subsequent use, such as reports on decisions taken for distribution to third parties, content analysis or for the partial reproduction of the text on social media, for example.

Trials and police services

Legal transcription consists of converting oral content into a written format so that the text can be presented as documentary evidence during a trial or legal proceeding. This requires a literal transcription of the content without corrections, amendments or the alteration of errors or repetitions.

Furthermore, should they be required, certificates of impartiality are provided that confirm the transcription was performed by professionals unrelated to those implicated in the recordings.

Research and science

Transcription service for research projects and high-quality scientific content produced by researchers, laboratories and CROs, all with a guarantee of confidentiality and tight delivery times.

Pre-localization step

In addition, on other occasions, transcriptions of video or soundtrack elements are made as a step prior to localization, adaptation and translation when there is no script that can be used in the process.

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