The information technology industry has experienced dramatic changes since Intel manufactured its first microprocessor in 1971. Economic success, huge capital investment, exuberance and a golden age of exponential growth have all given way to an era that experts are calling "post-technological".

Society has outgrown the initial demand for "technology for its own sake" and so companies in this industry now find they must adapt to new challenges. Users now value other aspects of a product beyond mere raw technological specifications: ease of use, applications, reliability and security, among others. The important thing now is the value that technology can add, and not the technology as such.

“User experience greatly depends on language adaptation.”

At SeproTec we have leveraged our knowledge of the technology industry's needs into a vast array of specialized services. Our experience translating and localizing for technology companies includes product manuals, technical and legal documents, software localization, technical editing, machine translation, terminology management and proofreading, as well as all kinds of interpreting. Combined with our dedicated team's commitment to quality and accuracy, this makes us the perfect partner for efficiently managing the multilingual needs of any company in the industry.

SeproTec places the resources and experience needed to ensure the successful localization of any product at the industry's service:

The services that SeproTec most commonly provides to the technology industry are:

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