As companies expand their global presence, they face an array of challenges in the form of internationalization, one of which is having to translate large volumes of text in a given period of time. For this reason, more and more organizations are considering the pros and cons of using machine translation (MT)—with and without post-editing—as a viable solution for projects in which time is of vital importance.
Machine translation is an automated process that translates texts using software. The technology has advanced and improved greatly over the last few years; however, although it can be of great service for any company, it does have its limitations.

At SeproTec, we have designed a work methodology that involves customized machine translation
with professional post-editing and, of course, consultancy services.

Thanks to this methodology, we can offer specific solutions for each project regardless of the deadline or quality required.

Our Machine Translation Solutions

Based on our extensive experience in machine translation and post-editing, we have developed a streamlined process for analyzing and creating technologies, and we have trained and specialized teams of linguists in post-editing.
SeproTec is your best partner for creating, selecting, evaluating, integrating and, in short, reaping all the benefits of machine translation as efficiently as possible.
Our machine translation solutions are adapted to our clients' current needs, which means that we always evaluate each project according to deadline, budget and purpose of the documents to be translated before recommending one or more of the following services:

Consultancy Services

As a leading language solutions provider, we know that every organization has different needs and, therefore, their requirements for machine translation with or without post-editing also vary.
We are aware of how important analysis is before using any technology, and that is why our experts work hand-in-hand with our clients to choose the best solution for their projects.
Working hand-in-hand with the client:

Machine Translation

SeproTec uses state-of-the-art neural machine translation (NMT) engines and has a Machine Translation Department dedicated to assessing, supervising and, where necessary, maintaining solutions for each of our clients.
Our customized machine translation service mainly involves creating a translation engine using bilingual corpora. During the process, unique domains are created for each client from translation memories and term bases or other bilingual datasets so that we can provide a customized MT service.

Machine Translation with Post-Editing

Our machine translation with post-editing (MTPE) solution involves a process whereby machine translations are improved by human intervention. Although it is true that machine translation has come on greatly in terms of improvement and accuracy over the last few years, when a higher quality is required, machine-translated texts need to be post-edited by professional linguists, who edit and correct the output text as necessary.
The MTPE solution results in a more accurate translation and, although it may not have the exact same quality as if it had been translated entirely by a linguist, it will be more than acceptable for the purpose of the text in question.

Some of the most important features of MT

Machine TranslationMachine Translation with Post-Editing
  • MT is useful when the aim is to get a quick idea of what a text says
  • and it is recommended when readers simply need to understand the message.
  • It is appropriate when grammar and spelling are not of primary importance
  • and it is advisable for internal use when post-editing by a linguist is not necessary.
  • It is also ideal for translating technical documents and long texts quickly.
  • It involves customized machine translation engines
  • and the technology used meets the client's demands in terms of confidentiality at all times.
  • Post-editing by a linguist improves the result and guarantees accuracy and correctness.
  • This option is recommended when the priority is to communicate the content of a project, but the style is not particularly important.
  • It is a quick solution that offers the reliability that comes with a linguist's supervision
  • and, at the same time, it is trustworthy and cost-effective for day-to-day business needs.

SeproTec has a specific internal training module
for post-editors.

Pioneers in training in post-editing

SeproTec has extensive experience in training and selecting post-editors as key to guaranteeing the best service. Thanks to the large number of post-editors who have trained with us since 2010, we are in a position to offer post-editing services for engines we have created ourselves, as well as for our clients' own MT solutions.

SeproTec trains expert linguists in the fields and language combinations its clients require, and they then undergo a full validation process.