Dubbing and lip-syncing

Our dubbing service enables international viewers to enjoy content in their local language while allowing them to focus on the images and not on reading the subtitles. This service involves removing the characters’ original voices and replacing them with those of the voice-over artists. Dubbing requires experienced voice-over artists capable of providing a wide range of tonal registers.

When lip sync is required, the dubbed voice is adjusted to coincide with the original actor’s lip movements.

As well as the translation and recording of the dubbed soundtrack, adaptation and casting are essential steps in order to guarantee the content can be enjoyed in other languages.
At SeproTec, we work with actors and voice-over artists of many nationalities, all of whom are widely experienced and capable of meeting all of our customers’ needs. This is because we are aware that a poor quality voice-over compromises the original creator's work and discourages viewers from engaging with the content.

When it comes to storytelling, the soundtrack can even be more important than the visual content.
It can literally narrate the story and stimulate different moods among the audience.

A well executed voice-over can transform a documentary, series or corporate content into something truly unforgeable.


Voice-over is a production technique in which a voice that is not part of the narration is previously recorded and played over the soundtrack of a movie or video.

It is a very commonly used technique in corporate videos, documentaries, themed supplements and news and media reports that involves the original soundtrack being turned down and the translated voice and conversations reproduced over the top of it at a higher volume with a few seconds’ delay (superimposed voice, more commonly known as voice-over).

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Our voice-over service guarantees: