WonderLoc is a cloud solution based on Oracle technology that enables companies to create, manage and localize their digital content and online communication in the most efficient and fastest way possible through a ready-to-use and fully customizable software product.

With WonderLoc, web content management is easier than ever and doesn’t require any expert IT knowledge, Data Center support or expensive software product licenses.

The solution is ideal for companies that wish to go global quickly and cost-effectively, companies that are already global but need to enhance their content and become more visible on the web market with additional languages, and also for companies that use Oracle Web Center and need their content to be automatically sent in for localization and published on the web.

This platform offers a bevy of features for creating new content, updating existing content and translating and localizing content.

Moreover, you can use it to monitor your web presence and create marketing campaigns and interactive product and service catalogs.

Main Features:


·Multilingual sites: This solution enables the creation of multilingual sites and can interface with the most common translation memory systems.

·Social Media: Content created and localized in WonderLoc can be published in any social network with just a simple click, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Comments and notes received on the social network can be managed in a Dashboard.

·Insite Editing and Drag & Drop: Content can be managed with a simple drag & drop, and localization can be launched at the press of a button.

·Search: Advanced search feature covering all content on the website.

·Mobile: Responsive templates are very flexible and can adapt to all device displays. It is possible to show the same or different content on any device.

·Analytics: WonderLoc uses the best statistics analysis technology on the market, WEBTRENDS. From Dashboard you can analyze the traffic in all your digital marketing channels, such as Website, Mobile and Social.

·Media Library: All digital media elements are stored in a centralized library and can be added to any channel.

·e-Commerce: A shopping-cart integrated with a payment system such as PayPal can be enabled.

·Segmentation: Improve the selection of content segments for specific users with offers and recommendations.

·Community: It is very easy to create a community on your site or mobile device. Just drag & drop to activate comments, ratings, votes or surveys on any page or content.

·Sharing: Content can be shared by users on their social networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

·Workflow: For optimal content control this technology offers a classic functional workflow in which each piece of content is translated, checked and published.

·Digital Marketing Service: Creating a marketing campaign has never been so easy with mailing and Google AdWords.