As a leading translation provider in every field of intellectual property, we are consistently the go-to choice for patent translations.


SeproTec's multidisciplinary team of translators, proofreaders, linguists, lawyers, and engineers always work in compliance with the strictest quality standards: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and UNE EN ISO 17100. We work for you in over 750 language combinations.


Every translation is handled by experienced professionals who are specialists in their respective fields.


We'd be more than happy to be your single point of contact for all translation needs. This doesn't just make us cost-effective, but enables us to deliver unprecedented levels of quality: the use of translation memories specific to each client or applicant guarantees the consistency of our translations, saving both time and money.


SeproTec also works with the latest technology. This allows us to meet shorter deadlines and offer our clients the greatest possible degree of flexibility.


SeproTec is the official translation service provider for SHIP Global IP, an international company that offers comprehensive portfolio management along the entire IP value chain: SeproTec has been the official provider for the World Intellectual Property Organization since 2010:

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