Over the Phone Interpreting is a telephone interpreting service offered by SeproTec. This is an innovative system enabling an interpreter to be made available immediately over the telephone (by simply making a call and contacting our call center).

Effective communication allows businesses to maximize sales by appropriately addressing multicultural markets. By instantly connecting you to a remote interpreter over the phone, SeproTec’s OPI Solutions remove language barriers for all types of companies and organizations.

As a leading interpreting provider, we provide instant over-the-phone professional assistance that is simpler, more convenient and more cost-effective than in-person interpreting services.

To minimize call times and ensure accurate communication, SeproTec only selects highly qualified interpreters with industry-specific expertise. Interpreters holding national interpreting certifications are prioritized.


The main advantages of this system are its immediacy and low cost.

Flexible Simple Convenient
The system does not require registration fees or minimum access fees. Instead users pay only for how much they talk, regardless of how often they use the platform throughout the year. Users can communicate through an interpreter in over 250 language combinations from anywhere in the world just by using their cell phone. Users even have the option of paying with a credit or debit card when they make the call, thanks to our convenient payment gateway.

Benefits of OPI