SeproTec is the perfect partner for any company involved in the field of broadcasting and mass media.

Publishers create an immense amount of content, and not just on paper but also in audiovisual format. They need high-volume translation in a very short time frame. That is what makes SeproTec different. We are capable of translating nearly 200 million words per year on tight deadlines without sacrificing quality or accuracy. SeproTec furthermore has a management team specialized in e-learning and multimedia & audiovisual translation, tailoring content to the target market and culture.

“News travels fast, so we set the tightest deadlines possible.”

Mass media companies need text translation (announcements, news, press releases and international articles) as well as audiovisual translation (television and Internet content, interpreting for television programs, speeches and events and international news). That is why they need a quality partner with proven experience in translation and interpreting, and exhaustive knowledge of the needs and activities of a media outlet.

SeproTec's portfolio includes major radio stations, television channels, film studios and producers, and members of the press, providing a comprehensive service tailored to their needs.

The services that SeproTec most commonly provides to the media are: