Websites are a window to the world of communication. Everything from the simplest blogs to the most complex websites can be found on the Internet. Some are made with content management systems, others with Flash. Thanks to these and other tools we are able to share our knowledge, publicize a brand or even display all of our products and sell them online.

“By translating your website into English, Chinese and Spanish, it can reach 60% of the world's Internet users.”

It is important that a website cater to our needs, preferences and abilities and that it be accessible to anyone who may take an interest in it in the future. To achieve this it is crucial to localize and translate the website into as many languages as possible, as this will raise the number of potential website users. SeproTec encourages you to ask for a price quote and see for yourself that it is possible to reach the whole world if you really want to.
“72% of Millennials research and shop around online before going to a store or mall.”

Together we can internationalize your website and adapt it to the different target cultures. All of our resources are at your service. We have specialists in any discipline and knowledge field you can imagine and our language professionals are native speakers of the website's target language. Furthermore, we offer you the translation industry's latest and most advanced technology. We use computerized translation memories, allowing us to ensure the ideal management of your website content and unrivaled consistency in terminology and style. We are capable of working with any format available on the market today and we are busily researching new technologies that are just down the pipeline.
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