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SeproTec has always been committed to excellence and the highest quality standards in providing its services. That is why we always work with the best professionals in every sector. We currently have a database of over 6,000 interpreters, categorized by language combination, interpreting style, field specialization and technical expertise. This superb team, along with our commitment to innovate and incorporate the industry's most up-to-date technology, has enabled us to offer a broad range of services suited to all kinds of interpreting.

What do we look for in our interpreters?
At SeproTec we look for interpreters who are highly skilled in their field's different areas of specialization. This ranges from conference interpreters, with full command of consecutive and simultaneous interpreting, to interpreters trained to work with the police, legal and social services. For the latter, in addition to standard training, inter-cultural mediation skills and a knowledge of immigration law and other cultural codes are crucial to the performance of their professional responsibilities. When selecting interpreters, we pay the same attention to the values that define us as a company as we do with our translators.

Join our translation and/or interpreting team: If you have the right qualifications, translation and/or interpreting experience, are flexible and are committed to excellence, you are exactly what we are looking for.
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