Simultaneous Interpreting
The interpreter orally translates (interprets) the speaker's message while he or she is speaking. To do this, the interpreter needs simultaneous interpreting equipment (a soundproofed booth, specific sound equipment, a headset, microphones) as well as the presence of a technician. The audience listens to the interpreter in real time using headphones. This type of interpreting provides the best results in terms of quality, immediacy and fluency. SeproTec Multilingual Solutions is specialized both in coordinating its team of interpreters (with the best professionals on the market), and in supplying technical equipment and specialized staff. 

Simultaneous Interpreting with Infoport
Infoport is a a piece of portable and wireless equipment for simultaneous interpreting. It is a simple set-up (unit, microphone and headphones) that allows the interpreter to move around the meeting venue without losing sound. It tends to be used for guided tours, factory sessions or meetings of up to 20 people. 

Whispered Simultaneous Interpreting (Chuchotage)
The interpreter sits behind the person or persons (3 at most) who don't speak the language and simultaneously interprets the speaker's message into the ear of the attendees. The interpreter also translates his or her clients' speech to the other attendees. It is normally used in short meetings where only one or two participants don't speak the language.