Letter from the CEO
Juan Julián León Ibáñez

It is a real pleasure for me to welcome you to the new corporate website of SeproTec Multilingual Solutions, a leading company in the translation, interpreting and localization sector that renders services for more than 1,000 clients worldwide.

SeproTec is an enterprise based on hard work, quality and professional, flexible and innovative service. We have been guided by the strength of our values since the very beginning. I am proud to direct a company made up of 338 professionals, all with a clear vocation for customer service and the commitment to achieving our common goals.

We know that traditional business models in the translation and interpreting industry are no longer sufficient to satisfy the needs of clients who demand an ever more global, professional, flexible, fast and cost-effective service. That is why we have sought to stay ahead of the game, evolving through innovation and by developing software capable of optimizing our processes and making us faster, more efficient, and more precise. It is not only innovation and technology, however, that have helped us to achieve these aims. Another factor has been our international expansion process, which began in 2004 with the opening of our first international office. Today, more than ten years later, we are present in 11 countries and run a global service capable of reaching anywhere in the world.

Before I end this letter, let me thank you for your visit and invite you to browse our website, which is designed to reflect our philosophy: to be a website that is dynamic, intuitive, accommodating and flexible, where you will discover our commitment to client satisfaction and a whole range of services offered with the highest standards in quality, speed and competitiveness.

Thank you once again and welcome to SeproTec.

Juan Julián León Ibáñez