Today’s society is defined by multiculturalism and multilingualism brought about by migration flows in an increasingly globalized world. With this new situation the need has arisen to create specific solutions that facilitate communication between individuals who work with different languages and cultural codes, yet share the same environment.

SeproTec offers clients a team of interpreters with over 750 language combinations, ranging from official languages to rare dialects and practically unused languages spoken by small groups of people.

There are four major groups in public service interpreting:

Interpreting in the public service domain
This kind of interpreting is mainly used by tourists to manage their business with hotels, tourism offices, museums, etc., as well as by immigrants and refugees for administrative procedures, such as processing a residency card, registering with the municipal census, etc.

SeproTec’s specialized social service interpreters have all the qualities needed to carry out their duty as language mediators:

SeproTec carries out this activity mainly for non-governmental organizations (NGO), associations, shelters, immigrant assistance services, etc.

Interpreting in the healthcare field
Often, foreign users affected by an ailment need to visit health centres or the emergency room. In such cases, the assistance of a professional health interpreter is vital.

The characteristics of such an interpreter with expertise in medical attention are:

Currently, our company works with health centres, hospitals, emergency services, private clinics, etc.

Legal interpreting
The complexity inherent to legal proceedings requires that all agents involved therein have an appropriate level of training and professionalism, given the importance of their responsibilities. Once again, globalization and social changes have made interpreting a key part of the judicial system.

SeproTec has been training legal interpreters and providing legal interpreting services for over ten years both to public administrations and to law firms and individual clients.

SeproTec’s team of legal interpreters stands out thanks to its high level of specialization within the field:

Interpreting for the state security forces and corps
The rise in organized crime, immigration and likely of poverty have all played a part in making the interpreter part of the mediation team in police interventions. This kind of interpreting requires special training, given that the circumstances are very unique:

In addition to the aforesaid, the professionalism, rigor and confidentiality of the professional providing these services is vital to ensuring that the police investigation can proceed correctly, thus guaranteeing public safety. That is why SeproTec has a team of interpreters in which it has full trust, with extensive experience in police work and continuous training reflecting migratory shifts.