Microlearning: How Training in Small Doses and eLearning Localization Transforms Labor Productivity

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Microlearning, has emerged as a revolutionary methodology in the field of eLearning. This trend has become a fantastic tool to use in the workplace. Focused on specific learning objectives, these doses of knowledge are delivered in easily understandable formats and accessible from any electronic device.

In a constantly evolving world, where adaptability and rapid acquisition of new skills are essential, microlearning has become a valuable tool. By delivering educational content in short, easily digestible chunks, this methodology allows employees to learn efficiently, without significantly disrupting their daily activities. Previously, time-consuming training plans and educational materials were implemented.

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Microlearning to unlock workplace success

Microlearning vs. Traditional methods: Business Sector 

In today’s world, where time is a precious commodity, traditional learning methods have become obsolete. Microlearning is emerging as an effective method that is taking the world of work by storm. Research suggests that it increases long-term retention rates by 25-60%, while retention using traditional methods stands barely at 15%.

What makes microlearning so effective? To starters, it is characterized by its ease of use, flexibility and adaptability. Microlearning materials are designed to be consumed on mobile devices and offer interactive, video or audio formats. In this way, employees can comfortably access information on the go, at their own pace and convenience.

Another key advantage of microlearning is its ability to reduce cognitive overload. By presenting information in small, concentrated doses, it allows the brain to process and retain information more effectively. This approach is more attractive to employees because it provides information quickly and conveniently to solve problems and improve skills, encouraging greater participation and engagement in the learning process.

Incorporating microlearning into the work environment has many advantages. It facilitates the integration processes of new employees, allowing them to become familiar with the company and contribute effectively from day one, quickly turning them into assets for the company. In addition, microlearning promotes the constant updating of knowledge, allowing employees to adapt to market and technological changes, becoming a strategic tool for maintaining business competitiveness.

In an increasingly competitive and dynamic business environment, microlearning has become essential to ensure the productivity, efficiency and continuous development of employees. It significantly reduces the time and costs associated with employee preparation, while increasing employee satisfaction by providing information in a quick and accessible way.

How can the translation and localization of eLearning drive business success and efficiency?

The translation and localization of eLearning can significantly boost companies’ success by extending their global reach and improving the efficiency of training internationally by removing any cultural or linguistic barriers. In addition to providing training content tailored to the specific needs of employees in their native language, it improves knowledge retention and increases the applicability of acquired skills in the workplace. The productivity and individual performance of employees are both improved by this investment, which also strengthens the company’s competitiveness and positioning in the market.

At SeproTec we understand that training programs are an important investment. Choosing the right localization partner maximizes this investment. We have worked successfully with clients all over the world on hundreds of projects, with thousands of hours of translation and localization of eLearning content in more than 120 languages. Our team of professional translators provides translations of technical documentation, presentations, transcription, subtitling, dubbing and voice-overs, as well as the localization of Learning Management Systems (LMS), using the latest multimedia, translation and localization technologies to ensure the highest possible quality.

This synergy between technology and an excellent team of linguists ensures a complete and effective learning experience, enhancing the professional development and growth of organizations with diverse and multicultural workforces.

For more information on our eLearning services, please see eLearning@seprotec.com.

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