SeproTec Translator of the Month: January 2019

4 minutes

Let us announce the first winner of the 2019 edition of our Translator of the Month action!

This initiative is our way to way to say thank you! and recognize the efforts of the industry professionals: translators, the driving force behind every translation company’s success.

In this ocassion we would like you to meet Cristina Munari, one of our most trusted patent translators, living in Trieste.

What do you start your work day with?

My profession gives me the freedom to organize my day with flexibility. After breakfast, I check and respond to e-mails and I spend a couple of hours in front of the PC. Then I go out for a walk in the beautiful town of Trieste, and I often take a glimpse of the sea. After lunch, I get down to work. My concentration improves in the afternoon and I give my best in the evening, while my cat (the faithful translator’s companion) sleeps on the couch or underneath a table lamp.

Why did you choose translation as a career?

I soon discovered in my teens my passion for languages and travelling. I took several language courses in London, Dublin and Edinburgh and studied foreign languages in high school and then here in Trieste. After a few years in a multinational company, I took one year off to go to the English-speaking part of Canada to improve my spoken English. After coming back, I started to work for translation agencies, first in-house and then as a freelancer.

You are one of our most regular and trusted patent translators. How did you become interested in this specific field of the industry?

Most in life happens by chance. In 2006 in Milan I was introduced to a patent translation agency, and I started to translate IP-related documents, especially mechanical. After taking a master’s course in medical and pharmaceutical translation, I included chemical and pharmaceutical patents as well.

Being a freelancer, how do you find balance between work and private life?

My profession can be demanding and sometimes friends and relatives can feel neglected. After a few frantic years, I have made a point not to work on weekends, in order to find the time to relax and to travel.

What do you most enjoy about working with SeproTec?

SeproTec is a professional and reliable company and the project managers are nice individuals, who can motivate collaborators to give their best and who answer promptly to all questions. I really enjoy working with them.

Do you have a life motto?

Not just one, it can vary. At the moment I would choose the following:

Stop trying to make things happen. Let things happen.

Thank you, Cristina! It’s a pleasure to have you in our Team of translators! Enjoy your SeproHoodie! (And say Hello to your lovely cat!)


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