Translator of the month: February 2022

3 minutes

Every month at SeproTec we choose our translator of the month in recognition of their hard work and commitment.

However, in light of the current world situation that is affecting each and every one of us, this month we would like to dedicate this recognition to all of our translators from Ukraine, Russia and many other countries who, with their actions and words, are showing tremendous solidarity with the Ukrainian people.

We want to publicly express out thanks for all of those small contributions they keep sending us which, when combined, are of immense help, as well as for all their efforts and commitment as translation professionals.

At SeproTec, we have thrown ourselves into this situation since the onset of the conflict, not only on behalf of our employees of Ukrainian origin, but also for all those translators and interpreters who find themselves affected by this situation.  As well as providing support with different initiatives within the markets in which we operate, SeproTec sponsors Translators without Borders, whose members are dedicating a large part of their resources, both human and financial, to held the people of Ukraine.

And we want to continue contributing to this cause with a different initiative. This month, instead of sending out our wonderful sweatshirts, we have decided to make a donation to a new kindergarten that is going to be opened in the city of Krakow, and that will be used by Ukrainian children and entirely run by Ukrainian refugees. Thus, giving them the opportunity to be useful and also to earn a salary. Our intention with this initiative is to be able to inject color and creativity into a situation that is turning somewhat gray and bleak. We want this symbolic action to go towards ensuring that our children can continue expressing themselves and coloring their world with smiles.

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