Translating and interpreting will be among the professions most in demand in 2012

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Some time ago we came across a report which is very positive for our sector, and which we have now translated and summarized in broad terms to share with you. The report, prepared by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, asserts that both interpreters and translators will be the professionals most in demand next year.

In a society such as ours, communication is more important than ever before, and crucial for developing our relations and businesses. Every message, whether economic or political in nature, risks being misunderstood, especially when complex ideas are being expressed. It is for this reason that the US Bureau of Labor Statistics asserts that the translation and interpreting professions will see above average growth in the period to 2018.

In a world as globalized as ours today, the well-prepared message has become a vital and fundamental tool for the survival of any organization, regardless of its nature. Messages, if misinterpreted, can lead to disaster for a business or a person, or to whole governments losing credibility. This fact has led many organizations to opt for professional translation and interpreting services in practically all sectors or areas of internationalization.

Another point worth highlighting from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics report concerns the main users of these services. It says that multinationals and governments will be the main entities requiring the assistance of interpreters (translating the spoken word) and translators (written translation).

Lastly, we should mention the importance attached by this type of report to organizations such as the ATA (American Translators Association), of which SeproTec is a member, and which is composed of more than 11,000 members, including layout, localization and software engineers, etc. This type of organization certifies translators and interpreters for work in public and private spheres, lending prestige to the organization. For this reason we do not wish to waste this opportunity of speaking up for our profession and pointing to it as a possible way out of unemployment, which is one of the major problems facing so many countries, especially one as vulnerable as ours.

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