Multimedia localization: the key to connecting with a new global audience

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Multimedia localization has been gaining importance in the field of linguistics for some years now. With the rise of the direct-to-consumer streaming platforms and the worldwide explosion of digital and audiovisual content consumption, this trend has intensified to such an extent that it is no longer possible for marketing departments to ignore it. Therefore, this article explains how this approach can play a vital role in optimizing a company’s connection with its audience.

Multimedia localization to open up new markets

When we say, “open up a new market”, we mean taking the leap into a completely different world beyond our comfort zone where new consumers want to discover (and acquire) fresh options. In this context, the role played by multimedia content is proving to be particularly important:

  1. Eighty-six percent (86%) of habitual online consumers would like to see more product-related content.
  2. Eighty-four percent (84%) of consumers take the decision to buy a product or service after having reviewed multimedia content related to the brand.
  3. Sixty-eight percent (68%) of potential customers prefer to watch a video or listen to a podcast than read an instruction manual.
  4. The human brain retains 95% of visual promotional content in comparison with only 10% of the written equivalent.

The benefits of multimedia localization

Helps to connect with a market niche

Every company has its own market niche, and this can behave differently depending on the country. Localization enables companies to speak to their target audiences in their own language and in-depth knowledge is required to be able to directly transmit the ideas and values that will succeed in generating the desired effect.

Young audiences find it attractive

The new generations are becoming active in the consumer market at an increasingly young age, and this is why being right there by their side is vital for creating the links that enable companies to get their products or services out to them. Localization, especially when it is multimedia content-based, enables us to access that young audience in a language and format adapted to their age.

Reflects credibility and professionalism

Any multimedia format that is not appropriately localized can prove to be counterproductive. To build closer relationships with consumers, it is not only necessary to pay special attention to what you tell them, but also to how you tell them it. Brand credibility can be created, or ruined, by a single piece of multimedia content.

People expect innovation

People today are becoming increasingly demanding, and this is even more true for digital customers. In our globalized world, everyone knows everything there is to know about new solutions as soon as they are launched, and localization is the basis of the innovations that are still to come. For a company to retain strong ties with its consumers, it must be sure that its digital content is professionally localized.

It is vital for making your mark on social media

Sixty-eight percent of consumers make a purchase after having watched a video on social media. This means that services like Facebook, TikTok or Instagram represent an opportunity to get closer to our audience that we simply cannot miss. However, we can only do so by following a planned localization strategy and never by using generic translations.

In short, localization multimedia is now a key strategy for connecting with your users in an effective manner. At SeproTec, we know that transmitting the same message and ensuring it reaches your entire international audience is complicated. And this is why our multimedia localization service will help you to provide each one of your users with localized experiences in their own language, irrespective of where they happen to be located. Our professionals, all of whom are truly passionate about audiovisual localization, will work to ensure that your content reads like it was written in the target language, rather than a translation, in transcription, dubbing and voice-over projects as well as in subtitling and even in accessible services. Our project management team understands the challenges facing the industry and, thanks to our custom workflows and our company’s international presence —with production centers strategically distributed to ensure 24/7 cover, as well as our extensive network of language specialists—, we can coordinate global projects that guarantee precision and clarity.

Remember that the effective localization of your multimedia content is fundamental to boosting your website traffic, strengthening the retention of training and instructions, enhancing your conversion ratio and for increasing your users’ commitment to and interaction with your brand.

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